Daniel Briskin – Boy On The Lake

Artists like James Blake and Frank Ocean have inspired a whole new generation of musical talent that are creating innovative and exciting music that speaks to the heart of hundreds upon thousands of listeners across the globe. 18 year old London based songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist Daniel Briskin is living, breathing proof of this with his sonic soundscape taking cues from both of these modern icons. His sound so fresh that I’ve found myself listening to his single Boy On The Lake over and over again these past few days.

The track’s production is utterly gorgeous with emphatic synths and a mesmerising violin melting into one another creating a divine beauty that continuously sends shivers down my spine after every listen. Poignant placed lyrics are brought to life through the evocative vocal of Briskin with the slight electronic enhancement adding a certain flair to these lyrics making them hit even harder than imaginable.

This is something that belongs in a modern day coming of age movie. Everything is just perfect and I know this is one of those songs I’m going to be playing on repeat for many weeks to come. Dive into this young man’s sound right now, you won’t regret it.

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