Lil Seyi – Tambourine

There’s something quite timeless to Lil Seyi’s sound with the artists managing to take these early 70’s funk rhythmic influences and finding a way to blend it into a modern day soundscape that creates this marvellous blend of old and new, nostalgia meets the present. His debut single Evergreen got a love from the music community, and right slowly with his slick melodies and lush vocal tones making the track really pop, and today the Stanford scholar expands on his sonic soundscape in his latest release.

Tambourine is an addictive number with an intoxicating bassline that propels the track forward into the catchy chorus that’ll lodge itself so deep into your cranium that it’ll require an excavation team to get it out. His smooth vocals glide over the production exquisitely as the production slowly builds with the clapping in the background making you feel like you’re at a live show with Lil Seyi as the headliner. His debut was strong but his sophomore single is even better, some compelling stuff from this rising artist.

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