Sølv – Gentle Riot

Danish musician Sølv has already impressed us earlier in 2020 with the the release of Heavy Weather, a haunting affair that allowed the celestial tone of her voice to pierce through a brooding production in glorious fashion. It caught our attention with her ability to craft deeply personal tracks interspersed with relatable insights and philosophical references. Today she’s done it again with the release of another smooth and sultry slow burner title Gentle Riot.

“I wrote, produced and recorded Gentle Riot during lockdown,” Sølv explains about the track. “It’s about learning to be unmistakably yourself. Originally written as a comeback to anyone who tries to keep you in your place and not believing in the power and potential you hold, I soon realised it was just as much an internal conversation; an energy that paves the way towards self-acceptance. It’s about not listening to your self-sabotaging inner voice and trusting your true intuition.” 

The track fits into the same sonic space as Billie Eilish and Grimes with the brooding production being the centre point of the track as her ethereal vocals with a subtle sassiness to them slowly gliding over the darkly toned beats in an effortless fashion. Just like the meaning of the track Sølv is unapologetically herself in this track, she’s poetic, elegant and downright mesmerising from start to finish and is consistently impressing us. If you’re into this we highly recommend diving into her discography, it’s filled with some brilliant pieces of music.

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