Dylan Fraser – Face Tattoo


Scotland’s music scene right now is second to none and Dylan Fraser is a prime example of this with the Bathgate native releasing the pulsating debut Vipers last month that is best described as what would happen if Kanye West and Radiohead decided to collaborate together. His wide-eyed ambition was crystal clear from the get go with the amount of passion he displayed on the track and his follow up single today titled Face Tattoo is no different.

The track focuses on some key experiences he went through during his time sofa hopping in London with him saying, “It’s about being fed up and having nothing to lose, only stuff to gain.” Lyrically this is next level, the poetic nature of them mixed with the poignancy makes the emotion of this track rise to extraordinary levels and the impassioned vocal performance from Fraser only build upon this further. The brooding production of ominous beats and spaced out synths only helps amplify all this and makes this more than what we could’ve hoped for in this young musicians sophomore single.

We said last time we featured him that we thought there was strong potential to this young artist, now I think he’s going to exceed all expectations he has before him and become something rather special.

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