BAXTR – Feathers

The more I hear from the London based alternative pop trio BAXTR the more I find myself becoming more and more of a fanboy. It’s like taking the unmistakable harmonies of HAIM, the energetic qualities of Avril Lavigne and anthemic nature of Paramore and rolling them all together into one stellar artist. On top of that they’re just unapologetically themselves with their music being so empowering and accepting that you know wherever there music goes jubilant positivity follows and Feathers is no different.

Speaking about the track the trio has this to say, “Hell hath no fury like a womxn who refuses superficial, unrealistic, heteronormative beauty ideals constructed by a patriarchal society and perpetuated by systemic sexism and consumerism. Show… your… FEATHERS!”

The whole track is just a vibrant celebration of free expression, genuinely I would love for this to become a pride anthem next year as it is perfect for those events. In fact that’s the best way to describe the piece, it’s a parade of self love, not caring what the world thinks about you and being true to who you are and showing the world your feathers! Wonderful stuff from this trio once again and we’re sure they’ll continue to thrive as the year goes on.

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