Laurent – I’m Done

If you’re a fan of artists like Jon Bellion then the Norwegian musician Laurent will be right up your street with his slick production, compelling lyricisms and dynamic vocal that makes his music just pop out compared to others in the Norwegian music scene. His previous release Paradise has already received a lot of love from global music publications and it looks like his latest single I’m Done will be doing the exact same thing.

Speaking about the track Laurent had this to say, “This song was written quite exactly 2 years ago, when I was in Sweden with Mazen Awad. We discussed my life situation at that time. Before I’m Done; I had long tried to force myself to go back to a ‘normal’ job, but at that time struggled with it because I was too hung up on everyone else’s opinions. I was simply too proud and terrified to lose my ‘place’ and afraid that people would have a different impression of me than ‘artist’. It all started with my first day at work as a bartender in Bergen. The nightclub was in full swing and I was thrown into the bar. The first guest I was to serve was someone who recognized me from my previous music career. His first comment was ‘It went damn fast from a stage to a bar!’ This was what inspired me to write ‘I’m Done’. It feels very wrong to stand in a bar or sit in an office and promote other artists for a nightclub when you yourself are an artist, rather than working on your own artist career. I have an extremely bad conscience and I immediately feel a nasty kind of fomo (fear of missing out) feeling.”

I think we’ve all felt moments like this, where we get so incredibly frustrated with our day jobs when we know what we really want to do is go out into the world and do what we love with a passion. I’m Done vents this frustration perfectly through the confident vocals, brooding production melodies and lyrics telling people we might be in this situation right now but we know where we’re heading. Another top quality track from this rapidly rising artist.

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