Christian Blue – Leave it Unlocked

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, the debut track will always be the most important song a musician will ever release as it is what introduces their sound to the world and if you start off strong you can usually continue in the same vein. Well Christian Blue’s debut isn’t just a debut, it is a statement with this LA based musician coming out all guns a blazing in Leave it Unlocked, a track that sees Blue leave his own personal sonic stamp on the music world.

It’s a unique track with it taking classic pop hooks, hard-hitting hip hop beats, a funk influence rhythmic styling and an alternative rock edge and combining it all into this swirling soundscape that is unlike anything else out in the world right now. Then you’ve got the vocals that build upon this further going from dizzying falsetto notes before diving down to deep bass notes in a glorious fashion that leaves you reeling by the end of the track and wondering what spellbinding thing is going to happen next.

Christian Blue with his debut takes you on an adventure, he pulls you by the arm into his sonic universe where his clever lyrics, masterful production and addictive vocal all leave you begging for more. His sound is boundless and I am excited to see what else he is capable of.

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