Redveil – Niagara

Saturday, August 20, 2022

At 16 years of age Maryland native Redveil is one of the most exciting, innovative and downright sensational hip hop artists around right now. A few months ago we featured his track Traffic on our site, it was only 1 minute and 28 seconds in length but it left a long lasting impact on us with the poetic lyricisms he displayed and the fiery passion he showcased through his evocative flow. It made us get excited about what this young artist was capable of and pumped for his future.

Little did we know he was about to drop one of the albums of the year. Niagara is absolutely outstanding in every way imaginable with countless tracks on the project leaving me speechless with the sheer talent he has on display. The opening track Campbell is a prime example of this as it just grabs you instantly with the jazz influenced production with compelling melodies, brilliant lyrics and a hook that is impossible not to fall in love with.

The project only builds from there, you get retro rap tracks Clench with hard-hitting beats that will have you begging for more, more emotional numbers like Fastlane with chill hop influenced production style and even some classic soul influenced pieces like Grass. Each track feels perfectly placed and expertly created as there isn’t a single filler track throughout this whole project, that alone is just insane but the fact he’s managed to do this and make it seem effortless is just mind boggling.

His expressive and candid storytelling and impassioned rapping flow is unlike any artist out there right now. I’ll go on record and say this is probably the best album from a rising artist this year and could easily be one of the best releases of the decade in my eyes.

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