Amy Milner – Big Bad Thoughts

In her new single Big Bad Thoughts, Suffolk-Based songwriter Amy Milner perfectly captures the fear, confusion and adversity of us all in an undeniably testing time. Lyrically, it’s a track that explores the battle raging in our own heads and how we instinctively deny help from others. Fundamentally though, it’s a massively anthemic dark pop banger with epic crescendos and a rousing message.

Produced alongside long-term collaborator Tim Larcombe (Halsey/ Lana Del Rey) between Amy’s home in Suffolk and Tim’s studio in Brighton, their creative partnership has built the foundations for a prolific musical output. The new single is the last track from their EP of the same name, a collection of melancholic piano-led pop anthems built on Amy’s incredible songwriting and brought to life by Tim’s glistening production skills. Speaking on the new single, Amy states:

“‘Big Bad Thoughts’ is a story of dark and light, channeling a positive message and championing human strength through adversity. It acknowledges how worries and anxieties stored up inside our own heads can be overwhelming, while urging us to remember that there are always people who want to care for you, to help make things better. It does not show weakness to lean on someone else’s shoulder or accept a helping hand; it might be the first and most important step back in the right direction.

Working on the tracks for this EP between Brighton and Real World Studios near Bath, Tim and I took inspiration from a wide array of sources ranging from Massive Attack to Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes album, and a dramatic scene from Twin Peaks featuring a Nine Inch Nails song called ‘She’s Gone Away’ – we had a LOT of fun putting it all together!

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