A few months back I listened to the Hong Kong based band TYNT’s debut album titled SYMBOL, it was a swirling psychedelic offering with some electronica influences that had a lot of potential to it and was intrigued to see what else they were capable of doing. Today however they’ve managed to exceed my expectations of their follow up and then some with their latest single PLUME being a euphonic experience with a sonic soundscape that has left me begging for more from this band.

The track sees the band deviate from their usual sound by creating a more atmospheric and synth wave soundscape but they still manage to keep that hypnotic quality that made their original music rather spellbinding. Emotive melodies are laced throughout this track with lush vocal riffs, evocative lyrics and a divine production all coming together is a gorgeous clash that makes you feel like you’re the main character in coming of age movie. The whole piece is a dreamy affair that showcases everything this band is about and exactly what they’re capable of doing.

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