Chloe Lilac – DOUCHEBAG


Ever since her debut single back in 2017 Chloe Lilac has always looked like someone who could become the next big artists and she consistently has proved that with the release of brilliant tracks like Summer, Here’s Your Song and Special to name but a few. She’s continuing to do that today with her latest pop punk influenced track DOUCHEBAG about her worthless ex-partner and I think Lilac describes it best, “It’s really about me just sticking it to that motherfucker.”

It’s a fearless anthem that wouldn’t feel to out of place in an old school Avril Lavigne record with heavy guitar melodies, killer pop hooks you’ll get stuck in your head and raw inspiring lyrics that are quite empowering with Lilac’s passionate delivery. Equal parts retro and modern this is a track that is perfect for blasting out on your speakers and singing along after a break up with your middle fingers being held high in the air. Dive into this track then dive into her whole discography.

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