State of Pace – On The Road

Back in June the duo State of Pace released their debut single Hourglass and it completely went under our radar, we missed it entirely and we massively regret it as the track was a stellar introduction to this new act’s compelling sound. Today however we’re making up for that by featuring their latest release titled On The Road, a lush track that expands upon their sonic universe and, if I dare say, is even better than their debut.

There’s a great rhythm to this track that’s kind of reminiscent of early Daft Punk with the funky nature of it and the fact it’s almost impossible not to bop your head along to it. Then you’ve got the vocals which have this lush tone and flow to them that only elevates the sound of the track further with compelling melodies along side them that you’ll soon find yourself humming along to. Genuinely think I’ve found my new addiction today, dive into their sound below!

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