KOKO – All Together Now


We all have those days where we feel like we’re going to go absolutely insane. Everything just seems to be going wrong, nothing is going your way and it feels like life is doing whatever it can to make you feel utterly horrible. It’s a daily occurrence that we all unfortunately have to deal with but the British band KOKO have taken that frustration and used it as inspiration for their latest pulsating single All Together Now.

“The track’s about keeping it together no matter what life throws at you. Everyone has that thing they do to get by – whether it’s screaming into a pillow, going to the gym, punching stuff. That thing that keeps you sane,” says Ashley C of the band.​

The beat of the track is utterly addictive with the thumping bass propelling this track forward into brand new territories that makes you feel like strutting around like you run the world around you and nothing could ever stop you with the positive nature of the lyrics only enhancing this further. Combine all of that with their genre bending sound and somber vocal tones and you’ve got another stellar piece of music from one of the most exciting rising acts from the UK scene right now.

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