Hong Kong Boyfriend – Cold Waters


The debut track is the most important an artist will ever release as it is what introduces their sound to the world and, in all honesty, debuts do not come much better than Hong Kong Boyfriend’s. The 21-year-old Mountain View, California native has come out of the gates swinging with this track where everything comes together in this swirling pool of emotion that makes this artist look like something incredibly special.

Cold Waters is a candid track with copious amounts of emotion cascading down upon you through his evocative delivery and personal lyricisms that will leave you utterly speechless by the talent he possesses. The track deals with the strong feelings we all experience when we fall in love, the crazy ups and downs that happen along the way and the spiralling effect that has upon our own lives. He explains the inspiration of the track more below:

“When I was young, I met with a girl who played cello and talked a lot more than me. I had a flip phone and a single speed bike. I wouldn’t say we were in love; I would say we were obsessed with each other’s lives. ‘Cold Waters’ is a song about spiralling.

Overall there is some serious promise to this young musician. He just has that special something to his sound that has got me hooked and excited to see what is next for him. Keep an eye on this one, you’ll end up knowing his music one way or another.

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