haer – The B Word

Raised in the suburbs of Georgia haer always aimed to escape the cul-de-sac she felt she was stuck in. Cut to many years later and she now resides in Brooklyn crafting tender pieces of pop infused R&B music with her candid brand of storytelling making her tales about the human experience feel all the more raw. Just last week she released the delicately airy Sugar that you could easily lose yourself in and today she’s coming out with a track that will have you reaching for the tissues.

The B Word is a deep reflection of her own personal trauma that came about from her mother’s passing when she was just 10 years old. It lead to a confusing time for her adolescent self shown through the poignant lyricisms of the track with the sparse production providing the perfect emotional backing for the track. You go on this journey with haer throughout the track until you get to the end where you realise the word she’s be trying to say is ‘bye.’ It’s a gorgeous piece that will have tears cascading down your face in no time.

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