GRAE – Permanent Maniac


Without a doubt one of the best rising artists around right now is the Toronto based musician GRAE who’s music always has an air of mystique about it mixed with fierce lyricisms and an emotionally evocative song structure that consistently enthrals me from start to finish. Her previous release 2725, an ode to internet love, was a mesmerising affair that allowed her earnest songwriting to take flight in a truly breathtaking fashion and she’s built upon that even more today with the release of Permanent Maniac.

The track is a sweet ode to the strong feelings love can have us feeling over people we know will never know our true feelings. GRAE’s lovelorn vocal delivers heartfelt lyrics detailing the countless things we’ve all done when confronted with the strong feelings of love with, “staring at the ceiling and he’ll never never,” being one of the many examples of this. The production carries a melancholy feeling of knowing they’ll never reciprocate whilst also having this air of hope to it that just makes you want to smile. Combine all that with a stellar guitar solo at the end and, as always, GRAE has smashed it once again.

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