Caazi – Suicidal

Based in southern Maine Caazi has been consistently proving his musical talent through his stellar flow and hard-hitting production in previous tracks like Reasons and Alphabet Soup to name but a few. However today he’s changed it up with a more somber sound to reflect the personal nature of this track that details his own inner struggles as he explains below:

“This song reflects on previous issues that I had with my mental health and how it negatively effected my everyday life. I dealt with a lot of inner problems and had to overcome some very tough battles. There’s a certain way that music allows you to revisit hard times and notice how far you’ve come from that until now. This song is for anyone struggling within themselves no matter the cause. You are never alone.”

Suicidal has lyrics that are some of Caazi’s strongest yet with them detailing the hardships he’s gone through is a rather poetic way with his impassioned delivery only making them hit you even harder with the emotional weight they carry. It offers insight into his own world but shows that no matter how hard times are, there’s always hope and, like Caazi himself says, you are never alone.

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