Shango SK – The Rush


One of the hottest prospects coming out of the UK right now is the Stockport born musician Shango SK who’s sonic soundscape comes from a collective of influences ranging from Oasis all the way to Bon Iver. His debut single was outstanding with it having an undeniable flair to it that got us enthralled in his sound and equally fascinated by what he was capable of producing.

Cue a month or so later and he’s unveiled the music video for his latest track The Rush, a track that has a raw intensity to it that brings you into Shango SK’s sonic universe of swirling emotion in an instant. The poetic ballad has poignant lyrics that hit hard with his passionate vocal delivery only enhancing them further to the point where the emotion just comes cascading down upon you. Combine that with the tender storytelling of the music video and you’ve got something that’s a treat both aesthetically and sonically.

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