Seraphina Simone – Hollywood $$$

Back in June when Seraphina Simone released her debut single we were left captivated by the nostalgic yet fresh soundscape she’d crafted. Cherry <8 managed to combine this classic do-wop style that became popular in the 1960’s but infused it with her dynamic vocal prowess that pierced through the production and her blunt lyricisms that was so incredibly refreshing to hear. She proved in one track that she had the potential to simply soar and today she’s done it again with her follow up single Hollywood $$$.

Her silky smooth and seductive alternative pop sound is out in fully force here with the track channelling the traditional glamour and poise that we’ve come to expect from Hollywood whilst the lyrics discuss the fame obsessed society we live in and how seedy it all is when the smoke and mirrors have been removed. This is the type of song I could easily envision being in The Great Gatsby soundtrack but what makes it so enthralling is how unapologetic Simone is with her message. She doesn’t sugar coat it, she’s blunt, real and doesn’t disguise her message, she tells it how it is and, honestly, I love that about her.

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