The Ensemble #13

Betty Bass – Queen

I mean the title says it all with this one, Betty Bass is a queen. The Danish musicians latest track is another quite breathtaking piece of music that takes the dreamy vocals she’s become known for and takes them to the next level with the silky smooth production creating a textured soundscape that allows her heartfelt melodies to take flight. It takes the classic R&B sound and adds a bit of her own signature flair to take it to the next level.

Bukky – Heartburn

Irish musician Bukky was introduced to us by another artist many a moon ago and since then she’s been consistently unique pieces of music that always keep us guessing what she’s going to do next. Heartburn is a prime example of that philosophy with a spaced out production taking influence from both modern psychedelic rock and emotionally raw soul artists like Frank Ocean. Her lyrics are brutally honest and hit like a dagger with her passionate delivery every single time.

Pilar Victoria – Space Song

Space Song is an accurate name for this track with the alluring guitar melody mixed with the atmospheric melodies making you feel like you’re actually floating out of the stratosphere and into the stars. Pilar Victoria’s vocal is celestial in every way imaginable with her majestic tone having ethereal quality to it that makes every worry you’ve got stored in your body just disappear in an instant. Definitely one to play late at night in the dark to get the full experience.

Mida$ – Cut My Ties (Wasted)

Short but sweet is the best way to describe this latest track from Mida$. At two minutes long the piece doesn’t go on longer than it needs with the rhythmic guitar riff mixing into the slick percussion section to propel the track forward as Mida$’s vocal deliver the lyrics with a raw unquestioning sensibility. He makes an instant impression with this track and I have no doubt that this won’t be the last time we hear about this young musicians incredible talent.


What I enjoy about LANNDS sound is that they manages to take genre fusion to another level my fusion psychedelic rock, traditional folk and modern electro pop all into one all encompassing sound. The Jacksonville duo manage to create a trippy sonic palette that carries a pop sensibility to it that pushes the sound to a new area that not many take it to. It’s a rhythmic sound that carries a raw emotion to it as well as the whole spectrum of human emotions along with it.

CARR – Shampoo

You can always rely on CARR to come out with a track that you can sing along to with your friends in a car with your friends whilst simultaneously being something you can cry in your bedroom to late at night. Her latest piece Shampoo is an alternative pop rock track that has this an uplifting yet somber production style but it’s her vocal that is the star of the show it making every single poignantly placed storytelling lyric come to life before your very eyes in such a way that will leave you breathless.

Jordanisdead – Emotionless Thoughts

The chill hop genre has brought about a lot of interesting artists and I’d definitely put Jordanisdead in this category. He released his debut EP The Narrator’s Separation a few months ago and the stand out track of the whole project for me was Emotionless Thoughts. It’s equal parts something you can listen to whilst studying and something you can just lose yourself in with the quick witted lyrics mixed with his dynamic flow that makes this something I cannot get enough of.

Sarah Grainger – Sixteen

Young musicians like Sarah Grainger who have this quirky yet ethereal tone to their vocal often have me thinking back to the early 2010’s where this type of artist thrived in the online scene. However what Grainger possesses that others within this genre has is a ridiculously strong storytelling capability. Every word she delivers paints a more detailed picture in your mind to the point where it feels like you’re there with her watching all that she says unfold before your eyes. Highly impressive stuff.

Drewmula – Cautious

There’s just something about Drewmula’s sound that I find incredibly appealing. He’s incredibly hypnotic with his production being ladened with nostalgia but still manages to seem so fresh and unique with his R&B sound having an afro-beat infusion to it that adds a subtle flair to his music that makes it quite addictive. He’s already known in London for his strong fashion sense so be sure to see him live when you can for a treat that’s great for the eyes and the ears.

Must Read

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