Lindsey Lomis – Bones


A few months ago we heard Lindsey Lomis for the first time through Feel with the single being a cross genre and cutting edge track about the dramas that come with teenage friendships, veering towards the darker sides of the adolescent experience. The second we heard that song we labelled her as one of the next big Gen Z talents to watch with her candid lyricisms, passionate vocal delivery and sophisticated songwriting being way beyond someone of her young years.

She impressed us and she’s continuing that today with her upbeat yet brooding follow up Bones. It’s a truly empowering single with her poignantly placed lyricisms detailing Lomis calling out someone for being a manipulator for trying to take advantage of her with her sassy yet impassioned vocal elevating the entire piece to the next level. You play this while walking down the street and you feel like a true warrior with the thumping drums making every step you take making you feel all the more confident, ready to take on anyone or anything that gets in your way.

Speaking about the single Lomis had this to say, “The song has an upbeat mood despite a dark story. I’m calling someone out for trying to manipulate me through their lies. In the end, they’ve dug their own grave, where they ‘lie’ alone. I hope people feel empowered from this song. Sometimes even when you want to help someone, you can tell they’re taking advantage of you. To me it’s sassy and about standing up for yourself. From the lyrics to the whole vibe of the song, it just makes me feel like a badass.”

Lindsey Lomis really is one of the next big music talents. She’s an icon in the making and we’re thrilled to share her music with you all.

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