Patchymate – Comma

Sunday, May 22, 2022

There’s this air around Patchymate that is hard not to love. He just brings this undeniable flair, energy and emotion invigoration that just makes his music so enthralling and makes me want to discover all there is he has to offer. My first introduction to him was his delicate single One To Talk, it was just a beautiful track with poetic lyricisms that had me hooked and now I get to experience his EP Comma (,) for the first time and, as expect, it’s a treat for anyone with ears.

Speaking about the EP Patchymate explains, “I try to convey in my music that I’m not doing this to sound a certain way intentionally, but rather what you hear is me getting in front of my mic and computer without any expectations. I recently came out as bisexual which has had a lot to do with what I write about (more-so on upcoming releases), but in general I chase the feeling of self actualization and musical liberation. Comma (,) serves as a stepping stone for me processing mixed emotions upon my new found individuality.”

The opening track You’re Like Delilah wouldn’t feel too out of place as a lead The 1975 single with the raw vocal performance, killer hooks slick guitar riffs and explosive synths that had me reeling from the get go. Violet is a fan favourite and it’s clear to see why with the pop punk infused electronic goodness that is on display and the way it transitions to the tender piece One To Talk is quite breathtaking. End it all off on the tearjerker that is Sky is Bleeding and you’ve got a fully realised EP that will have you experiencing the whole spectrum of human emotion.

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