Bryce Vine – Problems

Monday, July 4, 2022

The way Bryce Vine has recorded his latest Problems EP is something I truly admire. He’s taken a step back and gone back to recording music how he originally did when he was in high school, in his bedroom with his guitar and no filter to go through his writing. It’s going back to basics in this way that I think made this EP such a wonderful listening experience because it feels all the more raw and makes his lyrics about his own personal struggles hit all that much harder.

Each track offers different insights into his life through his ability to weave a tale so effortlessly through his lyrics, the best example of this is Fire Side for me where if you close your eyes you can envision everything he is singing about and the minimalistic production helps this even more. Genuinely you’ll be hard pressed to find a track that manages to tell a story that effortlessly in the modern music era.

However what makes this whole EP work for me is how different each track is from one another. It Falls Apart falls into the Emo Hop demographic with it’s brooding production, Life Goes On is a slick acoustic track with a wonderful electronic flair that adds a bit of flavour to the piece and Strawberry Water is an electronica lovers dream. No matter what music you love their is a track you’ll be able to connect to and it’s that what makes me love this EP.

Dive into the whole piece and experience it for yourself because you will end up falling head over heels for all that Bryce has to offer.

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