John MacLane – You Won’t

The glitchy electronica infused soundscape John MacLane has crafted for his music is something I utterly adore. His quirky electronic melodies mixed with his understated emotional vocals and evocative lyricisms are quite reminiscent of The 1975 but with a bit more of an experimental edge to it. His previous single I Don’t Want To Change You is single handedly one of the best debuts of 2020 so far for me with the majesty of the production and wide range of human emotions he made you feel through it and today he’s keeping up that momentum with his sophomore single You Won’t.

With warping sugary pop melodies and electronic flourishes leading the production of the track and his blissfully distorted vocals delivering the yearning lovelorn lyricisms in such a delicate way that makes them hit you like a wave of emotion cascading down upon you. It’s this type of music that has me excited for the next generation of musical talent, already here MacLane has adapted an emo infused hyper-pop sound that is short but sweet and perfect for people to listen to in the digital age.

Last time we featured him I said to keep an eye on him as I believed he could do some great things. One release later and I am now imploring you to follow his music journey as it looks like it could be something quite spellbinding.

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