Sherwyn – Starfucker


Sherwyn is one of those artists who you will either love or hate, his music is so decisive that every person whom I’ve introduced his music to has had strong feeling about him one way or another and, honestly, that’s what makes him so fantastic to me. His unique vocal delivery is something I love with his enunciation make certain lyrics and hooks pop out to you in such a way that it becomes hard not to get his music stuck in your head.

We loved his debut My Mind and his follow up Starfucker maintains that high level of musicianship. With slick 70’s disco influenced beats and pulsating synth melodies leading the production you’ll find it hard not to have your head bopping along to the rhythm of the piece. It’s groovy, it’s infectious and it’s everything I could’ve wanted from a follow up, stellar stuff from one of the freshest artists around right now.

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