Bryce Hase – sOak’20


Bryce Hase is someone who is massively slept on in the music world right now with this young artist consistently coming out with pure fire, be it his collaboration with Wifisfuneral Off the Planet or his more somber numbers like trUst’20 he never skips a beat. The young artist always takes it to the next level with each track he comes out with and his latest single sOak’20 is further proof of this.

The highlight of this whole track is the production, Hase has elevated his sound so much here with the subtle nuances he’s added to the piece such as the little crickets chirping in the background of the piece as well as that creaking bed sample he uses. They’re a small addition to his soundscape but they make all the difference as they allow Hase’s smooth lusciously toned vocal to glide across the production effortlessly and has us hooked. This is a vibe on a different level and I cannot wait to see his next offering.

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