bloody white – First Time


Watching artists progress sonically has always been a personal pleasure of mine. Seeing where they began and where they are now gives me a personal high unlike any other that gets me excited and pumped to see what else that artist can do and bloody white is a prime example of this. His debut single Tell Me was written back in 2018 when he was 17 with disjointed electronics mixed with slick melodies and now a few years later you can see him expand his sonic universe and take it to the next level in his latest single First Time.

“First time’ is about a lot of things,” says bloody white. “I wrote it initially about the first time with the girl that I loved. Sonically, it encapsulates the feeling that a lot of my favourite movie scores give me, especially the ending, which I wanted to be the climax of that moment.”

The whole track feels like something you’d expect to see in a modern day coming of age movie directed by Stephen Chbosky with this soundtracking the first intimate moment our main two protagonists share towards the end of the movie. The swirling synth beats and electronica flourishes mixed with the distorted vocal stylings is a match made in heaven as the lyrics reveal White’s need for more love and attention like what he is experiencing within this moment he is telling us about. A tender piece that ends with a grand cinematic finale, stellar stuff.

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