The Ensemble #12


If you’re a fan of Jack Garratt during his early years then TANISAKO is an artist you’re going to want to dive into. His lush vocal carries an emotional weight to it that allows the vocals to soar over the swirling electronic production to create a sonic experience that will have you craving for more by the time the track is finished. Daze is a stunning track to behold but I’d highly recommend checking out his other single Young X Lucky as it’s a more bombastic affair but still maintains the high level of passion he puts into his vocal and lyrical performance.

IDRYS – Lucky Day

I got recommended IDRYS from a friend of mine a few weeks ago and began to seriously dig the emotive brand of hip hop he’s crafted. No Ma’am was a personal favourite for me but his latest single Lucky Day I think has just topped it off with a killer flow and some strong lyricisms to match that immediately had me hooked. The production hits hard too with some pulsating bass beats that reverberate through your whole body and make this something I could play back over and over again.

Push Baby – Holding on is Holding You Back

If you live in the UK the chances are you’ve heard of Push Baby before because they’ve been steadily growing a larger fanbase here with their brit pop sound mixed with this almost Madness feel to the lyrics that offers a strong sense of nostalgia whilst managing to feel so modern at the same time. If this is your first time listening to Push Baby then this is probably the best track to listen to, it tells their story from their own perspective and you will soon find yourself singing along to the lyrics in a matter of minutes, I know I have.

Badmonsham – Jumpin’ in the Rain

This is type of music I love to listen to but rarely see done to the high standard that Badmonsham has done in his debut single. His poetically poignant lyricisms already had me hooked and the intimate nature of the production only increased their impact more, making it feel like you’re sitting down have a conversation with the man himself as he pours his heart out to you. It’s an evocative piece of music that balances raw visceral emotion with a tender display that is utterly sublime in every conceivable way.

PAPER FACE – Sweet Life

There’s no other way to describe this track that just pure fun pop music. It’s something that could easily dominate the top of the charts for a few weeks with it’s feel good pop melodies, killer hook that’s been stuck in my head ever since I heard it and a compelling vocal to match that you’ll soon find yourself singing along with on long drives. It’s a charismatic track that is just pop music at it’s best and as time goes on I find myself listening to it more and more. A pop grower that I’m now going to have stuck in my head all week.


NOW THIS SLAPS! Randomly stumbled across this on Soundcloud last week and I’ve been blasting this out loud ever since, genuinely the neighbours probably know this word for word by now. The production of this is absolutely incredible, it hits hard with these thumping beats and punchy bass melodies that has us on tenterhooks and the explosive delivery the pair give the lyrics is just the cherry on top of this whole piece. Keep an eye on these two, they’ve got something special.

JVSMINE – Take Me Over

There’s something about JVSMINE’s vocal that I genuinely adore, her tone is simply out of this world and the way her production wraps itself around the gorgeous tones her vocal produces is absolutely spellbinding. Her latest single is a gorgeous affair with her soulful vocals being front and centre of the whole piece as the tropical vibe of the production makes you feel like you’re chilling out in the glorious sun with it’s warm and inviting nature. It’s another beautiful single that is more than worth a listen.

Rio Blue – Y

From the very instant I heard Rio Blue’s vocal I knew she was going to be my new personal addiction. Honestly her voice is simply out of this world with this celestial airiness to it that makes you feel like you’re floating through the air with the spaced out production being your soundtrack. She’s a small artist with big potential and if you want something that is going to send you into a state of pure bliss then this track is more than worth listening to, dive into it!

Joseph Nevels – Safe

Okay time to start reaching for the tissues because Joseph Nevels will definitely have you misty eyed by the time you’re done listening to his debut single Safe. With a sparse production comprised of finger clicks, minimal synths and a somber piano melody you get a real feel for the emotion that comes cascading down on your through Nevels’ evocative vocal before the lyrics hit you hard like the final blow in a prize winning fight. Grab your tissues and let this soundtrack your late night crying sessions.

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