SPIDER – Water Sign


If you’ve been a fan of this site for a while then you’ll know about this artists previous name Jenn considering we posted every track she ever released, but today she’s taken the next step in her artistic journey as she becomes SPIDER. We’ve always been a fan of her music as she just had this special aura surrounding her sound that enthralled us every single time but her debut under SPIDER titled Water Sign is one of the best tracks of 2020 hands down for me right now.

First off the lyrics, they’re pure poetry and she makes this known within the first few seconds of the track with the lyrics, “I got love letters written at the back of my teeth / I might bite down rip skin / On this original sin / I might see you as the one.” Then you’ve got the production that goes above and beyond here with brooding beats, slick guitar riffs and euphoria inducing synth melodies that all build up to this grand finale that feels absolutely monumental and is exactly why I love this musician so much. The growth she’s show in this track is breathtaking, honestly this piece is the definition of euphony and we cannot wait to see more from SPIDER.

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