Dava – Right Time

2020 has really been Dava’s year as she’s managed to perfectly carve a sonic space for herself in the woozy, spaced out R&B world with her honey drizzled vocals melting effortlessly through organic beats and mesmerising guitar melodies captivating fans across the globe. She’s picked up a strong underground buzz this year with the release of ASOS which became an instant Spotify gem with over 170,000 streams to date and today it looks like she’s going to continue her hot run of form through Right Time.

The track continues to expand on her sonic universe with the fusion of classic pop hooks, the luscious R&B tones of her vocals, a jazz influenced production and hip hop beats to create a genre bending soundscape. It’s like a classic 90’s slow jam with the way the piece is built and the lyrics only help this idea grow further as the smooth and undeniably sensual tones of her vocals deliver them to perfection. Dava looks set to be one of the hottest prospects of 2020 so far and we have no doubt she’ll continue to thrive as the year goes on, especially with her EP Sticky set to becoming out soon too.

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