Keaton Dekker – Mint

The more music I hear from Keaton Dekker the more invested in his sound I get with the British musician managing to fuse a sense of 80’s nostalgia into his production whilst managing to add a fresh twist that gives you the best of both worlds. It’s like combining the soundtrack of Drive with LAUV, you get a soundscape that is unbelievably lush and dynamic as he demonstrates in his latest offering Mint.

Speaking on the track Dekker explains “It was made in my bedroom, in 2018, on Halloween. I remember coming up with the verse chords first, then it all seemed to write itself. This song felt like movement to me, which is kinda ironic as I also felt like I was trapped at the time. ‘mint’ is a callout for a fresh start, something new. Being so close, but you’re not quite there yet.”

The play on words with mint referring to a fresh start is something I love about this track with the nostalgia riddled production offering a juxtaposing position to the piece that adds a distinct flair that’s hard not to love. Then you’ve got the slick pop vocals of Dekker coming out with nothing but pure passion that is just the cherry on top of this wonderful piece of work. Dekker is making his voice heard in the world of pop and is definitely one to keep a close eye on.

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