Jude The Obscure – Chapter 8

Jazz and Hip Hop are two genres I’ve loved for years and in recent times I’ve been thrilled to see people fuse the genres together, it’s always a match in heaven and no one understands that genre bending sound more than Jude The Obscure who’s debut single Strong Enough is the best of both worlds. He fuses the earthy textures of jazz soundscape with his witty lyricisms and dynamic flow that make his music utterly irresistible. His debut was stellar and his follow up Chapter 8 is even better.

“Chapter 8 is a feel-good number, shedding the weight of hardships and social disillusion in favour of a more light-hearted take on life,” Jude The Obscure begins to explain. “Chapter 8 reinforces the importance of keeping your head above water and overcoming personal struggles, but at the same time reminds us of the need for balance – don’t burn yourself out chasing whatever goal you’re trying to attain. Make sure you chill out every once in a while, live a little and take time to recharge.”

Honestly the production of this track is divine, the trumpet section mixed with those looping drum beats creates a smokey atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in a modern day speakeasy. You’ve then got the intelligent and poignant lyricisms that are the focal point of the entire track with Jude’s passionate delivery making them come to life and thrive in a sonic soundscape that only amplifies them further. His debut was out of this world and this is in another galaxy, absolutely incredible stuff from this young musician.

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