Gia Woods – Into It

Persian pop artist Gia Woods is one of the most promising pop talents around right now with her sound filled to the brim with passion and a fiery edge to it that makes her stand out amongst the usual cookie cutter pop crowd right now. She’s already impressed with previous singles like EGO, a hit in the making, and her last single Naive being an ear worm of a track that’s still stuck in my head to this day, but today she’s come out with another melancholic anthem in Into It.

This song is about those people in your life who you let get away with anything,” Woods shares about the song “They’re your whole world, to the point where you suffocate yourself with them and ignore any of the negative. No matter how bad the situation is, you keep going back to the person who’s hurting you.”

Through the lyrics laments over the push-pull nature of a fiery and tumultuous relationship, you know the people who take more than they give, as the powdery percussion and luscious synth melodies back her up. Woods is the what the next generation of pop is all about, reliably honest lyrics and passionate vocal performances all mixed with a buoyant production as the cherry on top of the whole sound. She’s going to be something special and we are so happy about it.

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