0171 – Change Nothing

Hackney, London based duo 0171 continually amaze me with their groundbreaking sound where they push the boundaries of what pop music is capable of being with their futuristic experimental synths and expressive lyricisms breaking down societal conundrums and complexities. Their previous release Photograph had us falling head over heels for their music and the one before that Follow had us enthralled by their sound today the continue to leave us captivated with Change Nothing.

“Change Nothing is a song for the times you sit staring at a wall, and see days stretched out in an uninspiring line,” The duo begin to explain. “But, as with all our music, there’s a kind of defiance in it as well. It’s you and me versus the sadness. It’s you at my side, trying to keep our heads up. The sound is aggressive – the message is not about giving up, it’s about shouting in the darkness.”

This is what I love about their music, even through their ominous production with haunting melodies and darkly toned vocals the piece is never about letting the darkness taking over you, it’s about never given up even when there appears to be no light in sight. I could ramble on for hours about my love for this Hackney duo, honestly I could make podcast about this, but all you need to know is that they’re the future of pop music and we’re here patiently waiting for that future to become the present.

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