Seeyousoon – Ben Affleck


If you haven’t had the opportunity yet you really should check out seeyousoon’s debut album VIDÉ, the group pulled no punches with this album as their isn’t a bad track in there, every single one hits hard and shows off everything that makes this Florida 9-piece one of the hottest musical prospects around right now. Today they’ve invited us into their world through the music video for a track that is a personal favourite of mine titled Ben Affleck and the collective discuss the video and song below:

“Ben Affleck was produced in a strange way. Kenny originally put it together for a “deaf” beat challenge in 2017. The object of the challenge was to produce an instrumental without playing it through the speakers until it’s fully arranged. We all took turns playing some pretty awful-sounding beats but to everyone’s surprise, Kenny’s beat turned out to be really crazy. He stashed it for a while but during the writing process for VIDÉ, we revisited the project and fleshed it out into what it is now. It’s a beloved song for us because we made it during a really exciting point in the album’s creation. It was undeniable the night it was made and it’s undeniable now.”

I could talk about all that makes this track and video great but honestly the only way to understand the brilliance that is this group is to experience it for yourself. They’re one of the most talent groups of musicians around right now and the more music they release the more enthralled I become by their magnetic sound and their dynamic lyricisms. Just listen to this band and discover your new musical addiction.

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