Roman Rouge – I Cry

There’s something so utterly mesmerising about Texas native Roman Rouge’s music with his passionate vocal performances in all of his music being a treat for all who listen with his latest release being no different and if you’re a sucker for good lovelorn R&B tracks then you’re gonna want to hear this. I Cry is like a fusion of the brooding yet sensual soundscape The Weeknd often provides the charts mixed with the emotionally captivating vocal stylings of Bruno Mars, it’s hard not to love it.

Speaking about the track Roman Rouge said it was, “about a drink getting me buzzed and not being able to see is symbolism for myself taking in my toxic traits (alcohol) and being impulsive and not making good decisions – being buzzed out my mind.”

Lyricisms filled with poignant moments with a poetic sensibility attached to them are one of the strong points of the track with the lush production only amplifying the power behind them further. However his voice is the star of the show in my eyes, every not is filled to the brim with passion and every note feels so expertly delivered that the emotion of the piece thrives as a result. Dive into this R&B stars discography and fall head over heels for his sound, you won’t regret it!

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