The Ensemble #11

Creatrx – Run

The black queer creative Creatrx came out of nowhere for me but their hard-hitting production, addictive melodies and empowering lyricisms about starting a new revolution like, “system tryna make me malfunction / when you saw me at the function / I was praying meditating / got word I should eat you for lunch bitch,” have had me hooked since I first heard it. It’s one of those songs that has me thinking back to M.I.A during her early years and I can fully see Creatrx going on to have a career like that. If you like the track dive into their other single Baptism as that is also an absolute bop.

Ashley Ray – Just A House

Country music has a way of conveying emotional human stories unlike any other genre out there. The rustic sound mixed with the candid lyrics make each ballad hit home and Ashley Ray is a prime example of this with Just A House detailing a personal story happening within her own life that will have you reaching for the tissues in no time at all. All you need to do with this track is close your eyes and let the music take you away, you become a fly on the wall for this story and watch everything unfold before your very eyes as the emotion comes cascading down in the most beautiful way. Just gorgeous.

Snny – Postmodern Black

Born in the Ivory Coast, raised in Boston and now based in Iceland, Snny has a wide range of musical influences that have helped him crafted his genre-bending sound with luscious R&B synths, slick pop hooks and a hard-hitting hip hop beats all being present in his latest release Postmodern Black. Through his lyrics he threads a poetic narrative that will have you captivated from start to finish with the cinematic production only enhancing the narrative further til you’re left in a trance like state from the piece. Outstanding stuff from this artist today!

Aedie – Down

Last Friday Aedie dropped his debut EP Warm Spell and, as the title might suggest, it’s a wonderful summer affair filled with scintillating melodies, inviting rhythms and a laidback sound that was made for relaxing to whilst tanning in the sun. Down is a personal favourite from the EP with the smooth quality it brings to his sound through the chilled out harmonies and calming production that make this whole piece feel like a modern day campfire song. Have Down and the Warm Spell EP soundtrack your last few weeks of summer quarantine fun.

Jazz Mino – New Girlfriend

After a break-up the common thing a long of people want to do is tear down your ex, create gossip and a generally bad environment for them but in her latest single, New Girlfriend, Jazz Mino decides to be the bigger person and move on from the childish games and into the next stage of her life. The hook in the chorus will get stuck so deep in your head it’ll require and excavation team to remove it whilst Jazz’s vocals are at their strongest yet in her candid yet sassy delivery. Pop’s got a new future star with Jazz Mino and her discography is further proof of this!

PRIZM – We Were Young

80’s influenced pop music has been thriving over the past few years with artists like PRIZIM bringing the sound into the modern era through their jubilant synth melodies, classic 80’s hooks and even a subtle saxophone melody thrown into the production to make it practically perfect. This is one of those tracks that destined to be played on long road trips with a group of friends as you belt out the chorus at the top of your lungs whilst having the time of your life. If you’re a fan of Carly Rae Jepsen then this is a dup you’re going to want to get into!

Robyn Harris – Sunburn Season

Now it’s time to remember those hot and steamy summer romances with Robyn Harris’s latest single Sunburn Season. The track manages to capture the thrill of this short lived romance through the scintillating synths and energetic melodies whilst the lyricisms manage to show the vulnerability of letting the romance fade and become a summer to remember. It’s a ready made summer anthem that’ll have you dancing around with ease and soundtracking your new summer memories and future summer romances.

Sōl – Things End as They Begin

I adore the sound Sōl has crafted in his debut single with the expressive production filled with glitchy melodies mixed with a compellingly unique vocal performance having a hypnotic quality that can draws you in and refuses to let you go. It’s a debut that immediately invites you into his sonic universe where the charismatic sound lets you know instantly what he is all about as an artist and I can only see him building on this sensational sound as time goes on. I expect big things from this young artist.

Marinelli – Halloween

And we end this weeks Ensemble with the woozy and wonderfully raw Halloween from Marinelli, not to be confused with Martinelli’s apple juice, but they’re both pretty damn good at what they do so who’s complaining? There’s something so compelling about Marinelli’s soundscape, the hazy nature of the guitar melodies mixed with the raw nature of his vocals and lo-fi beats allows the track to truly thrive. Definitely one I’m going to be playing on repeat for weeks on end.

Must Read


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mykel online – scream and run

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