Mega – Let Me Let You Go

Two years ago Mega unveiled her debut single Chariot to the world, her intimate acoustic melodies mixed with her candid lyricisms and emotionally poignant vocals captured the hearts of fans not only in her North London home but on a global scale. Tragically though her musical journey had to be sidelined due to a vocal problem that resulted in her taking a short hiatus, however she’s now fully recovered as she steps back into the spotlight with the pensive single Let Me Let You Go.

Her stripped backed and vulnerable sound has never sounded so good with her gorgeously toned vocal expressing so much raw honesty with just a simple vocal riff. Lyrically the track is pure poetry, every word feeling so sincere and carrying a unwavering amount of emotional conviction that makes every word hit you like the final blow in a prize winning fight. If you’re a fan of artists like Lauryn Hill then you need to dive straight into Mega’s sound, her music is personal, raw and utterly divine in every way possible.

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