Circumnavigate – Shy Love

One of the main things I love about Circumnavigate is their brilliant storytelling. Through their poetic lyricisms you’re able to see a tale unfold before your very eyes where each word adds more depth to the scene to the point where it feels like you’re there, almost like a fly on the wall. They did this in their previous release, the emotionally raw and tender track Layer You Up and they’re building upon that today with the release of their dreamily soundscape track Shy Love.

With honest and relatable lyricisms following a blooming relationship where both parties feels such a strong mutual connection yet it remains solely in their mind, two people too shy to confess their love for one another but content with the feeling all the same. The soundscape is like the ethereal tones of Bon Iver mixed with the emotional tenderness of Billie Eilish to create such a high level of intimacy that the celestial vocals float beautifully to have a wave of emotion come cascading down upon you. It’s just a truly beautiful single.

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