LAN Party – PLUR

Monday, May 16, 2022

LAN Party is a producer, songwriter, and artist from Chicago, Illinois who only released is debut track last year in 2019 but has already made a lasting impact on the modern day sonic soundscape with this mystical glitch filled electronic production. His quirky electronics could be likened to the instrumental track The 1975 put out on their albums mixed with a bit of Bon Iver’s emotional connectivity to create music that manages to transport to a place you never knew existed.

Today he’s unleashed his debut EP PLUR to the world, a swirling electronic affair with quirky melodies, a hyper pop influenced production and deep emotionally evocative lyrics mixed into the tracks that will have you reaching for the tissues in no time at all. Speaking about the EP LAN Party had this to say:

“Inspiration for this EP began with a mantra I stumbled across looking through old 90’s rave zines. Peace Love Unity Respect (often abbreviated as PLUR) is the code by which all rave kids are expected to live. I admired the simplicity of the sentiment and wanted to apply it to a different musical context, resulting in this project. Four songs, representing each concept and the experiences that have helped me to understand them.”

With glitchy, mesmeric soundscapes and nostalgically lo-fi kits swim forlorn, augmented vocals reminiscent of James Blake this whole EP manages to capture something so undeniably special. It showcases the tender moments we’re often too scared to talk about and makes them seem so easy to hear out loud, genuinely an utterly stunning affair.

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