spill tab – Cotton Candy


Sometimes you can have long songs like Bohemian Rhapsody that are fully worth the full five minutes of pure adrenaline and freedom, but other times it’s shorter songs that can leave a long last impact through their short but sweet delivery that I often find myself falling head over heels for. A good example of this is Spill Tab’s latest release Cotton Candy that in one minute and thirty three seconds takes you on a swirling journey that takes you through a shifting soundscape is an utterly mesmerisingly way.

The track opens with the angelic tones of Spill’s vocal gently gliding across a tender ukulele melody that sends you effortlessly into a state of pure bliss before we smoothly transition into brooding synth beats that add another layer to the sonic texturing of the track to make it quite the captivating affair. As said sometimes short and sweet is the way to go because this track made an instant impression on me with Spill Tab’s sound being one I am now fully hooked on. Dive into her whole discography today, you won’t be disappointed!

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