Mumble Tide – Orbit


Break ups can often have a detrimental effect on people, you end up wondering what went wrong, why it had to happen and a whole raft of other questions that plague your mind, but the problem we all experience is moving on after the heartbreak. It’s a struggle and we can often sit there for weeks, months and sometimes years failing to move on from the affection we felt for that person and it’s the hindsight of this that the Bristol based duo Mumble Tide are focusing on in their sophomore track Orbit.

Orbit was one of those tracks that fell together really quickly,” says Gina of the duo. “We’d been listening to loads of super noisy guitar bands so were keen to make something a little heavier. The real inspiration came after Ryan had been falling back in love with a bunch of early emo bands whilst trying to get me into them (it worked by the way)… it lead to us jamming around on guitars together over a repurposed drum loop and we wrote the song in one sitting.

You can feel the early emo rock feel to the production with the hazy guitar melodies and evocative vocals all mixed in with a grunge influenced edge that elevates the piece to the next level. It’s one of those are indie rock tracks that you can blast through your car speakers whilst driving along the coast belting out every word but can also play as it soundtracks your late night crying sessions whilst reaching for the tissues. It’s a balancing act they’ve managed effortlessly and if you’re a fan of indie rock then you’re gonna want to get invested in this band.

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