HANZ – Process

Haitian American rapper HANZ has come out with nothing but pure fire today with his latest release being a stellar hip hop track with a slick flow, killer lyrics and hard hitting production that you’ll struggle not to get into. I’d briefly listened to HANZ’s discography a while ago and thought there was some potential to his sound but his latest release Process has blown all my expectation out of the water and got me hooked on his sound like a fish going after some prime bait.

The production slaps, no denying that, with the thumping beats feeling like something straight off of a Kanye West track with his passionate delivering and his sharp lyrical tongue matching perfectly to it all. His art is second to none and I have no doubt this man is going to explode onto the scene in the coming months with his sound having that intoxicating quality to it that I just cannot get enough of.

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