Boski – No Drama

The term genre defying is something that is thrown around a lot these days with the majority of the artists it is applied to not fitting the phrase in the slightest but the Jackson, Tennessee native Boski (Bo Kitzman) is the definition of that term with his music fusing so many elements from other genres and cultures that his music is an entity of its own. The fact he’s managed to make that all crystal clear with his debut single No Drama is an example of how well he knows his own soundscape.

For starters ever since hearing this track I’ve had the hook stuck in my head, I’ve been quietly singing it underneath my breath at my desk all day long now and I can’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. The slick production of lo-fi synths and disjointed rhythmic beats provide the perfect backing for his uniquely encapsulating vocal that has a wonderful charm to it that gives the whole track an endearing quality that’s hard to resist. This debut is the perfect way for Boski to show his sound to the world and I’m hyped to see what else he is capable of producing the future!

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