Madelline – On A Different Wave

Something has been put into the water in Canada lately has I’ve been receiving so many phenomenal tracks from the country right now and Madelline is being added to that ever growing list with her ethereal brand of electronic pop that will have your head bopping along to the melody and foot tapping to the beat in no time at all. Her previous releases have been a mixture of jazzy lo-fi numbers and emotional ballads but today she’s gone for a more pop oriented sound in On A Different Wave.

The track is a classy fuck you to the guys who dragged her down, an ode to being better than ever without them resulting in a sassy and empowering pop track that showcases the brassy tones of her vocal as well as her witty lyrical prowess. Pop music like this is made for long car rides with your friends belting out the melodies at the top of your lungs as you yell ‘fuck you’ out the window the catcalling dicks of the world. Stellar stuff from this artist.

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