The Ensemble #10

AANU – Something To Tell You

When an R&B artist comes out with a debut track that has all this 90’s R&B goodness to it but manages to infuse their very own special flair then you know I’m going to be sold on it. AANU’s debut single is utterly divine with her husky vocals, which are kind of reminiscent of Jill Scott, delicately dancing through the nostalgia infused production and rich melodies that make this track pop unlike any other R&B track out there right now. Combine all that with the lyrics about challenging gender norms with them encouraging women to make the first move in a relationship and you’ve got a home run.

Speelburg – Crash & Burn

If you’re a fan of the classic rock n roll sound of the 50’s that Elvis Presley made famous but want a more modern take on it then Speelberg’s latest single Crash & Burn is the one for you. His sound has a timeless feel to it but mixes that sound with the modern day flair of acts like Vampire Weekend to create something that is hard not to love with these frantic drum beats, an explosive brass section and a fiery passion in the vocal department that has me hooked on this sound. With London experiencing a heat wave right now this is a track you’re going to want to play as you tan in the glory of the summer heat.

Young Friend & Ella Jane – ARIZONA

This is one of those collaborations I seriously didn’t expect but, in all honestly, I am absolutely here for it with Young Friend’s lush nostalgic indie pop melodies melting perfectly together with Ella Jane’s swooning dreamy vocal to create a track that belongs in an art house coming of age movie. There’s just a mesmerising quality to this soundscape that takes you by the hand and invites you to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about your own youth, remember the highs and lows of it all in a beautiful fashion that will have you coming back over and over again.

Fousheé – Deep End

Chances are you’ve already heard the luscious tones of Fousheé’s vocal if you’re on Tik Tok with the hook of the track being played millions of times on the app and on streaming services to match. She’s now unveiled a full version of the track and it deserves all the hype it’s getting with this being an unapologetically badass single that celebrates the raw talent she has on display. She says the track is, “really a success story for Black women. It’s about fighting to get what’s due to you because it isn’t always going to be handed to you,” and we’re all here for it with her talent radiating throughout the track in such a fashion that you just know she’s going to become one of the next big artists out there.

Mopiano – Spaceman

If you get the opportunity we highly recommend listening to the entirety of Swedish producer and singer Mopiano’s EP Vivid Dreams as each track is a luscious listen with his smooth vocal tone and rich production styling consistently shining throughout but there was just something about Spaceman that I couldn’t get enough of. From the lyrics and melodies to the production and subtle nuances throughout the track it’s genuinely hard to find a fault within this track and the more I listen the more I find myself falling for his sound. You discover something new with ever listen and we cannot recommend diving into his sound enough.

Pyrex Pryce – USED 2 ME

Shoutout to Fashionably Early for putting us onto Pyrex Pryce because his latest track USED 2 ME has been on repeat for me for the past few days now, to the point where I’m fairly certain I have each lyric embedded so deep into my mind an excavation crew will be required to remove them. The flow is strong with it dancing effortlessly between the hard-hitting beats and slick piano melodies of the production in such a way that makes the whole delivery of the piece seem effortless. Combine all that with his undeniable flair and you’ll get just as addicted to the track as we have.

The Corduroy Blue – Gimme Love

The bombastic flamboyant rock sound of the 1970’s has been brought back to life and into the modern era today through The Corduroy Blue’s anthemic track Gimme Love. The track has a The Struts vibe about it in the way that they take a nostalgic sound they love but give it a fresh contemporary spin with their grungy production styling, over the top vocal stylings with a raw edge and their undeniable energy that makes this track a ready made stadium anthem in the making. The track might be called Gimme Love but all I’m going to be saying is gimme more!

Torr – NPC

Bedroom poptronica artist Torr is one of those happy accidents where I unintentionally stumbled upon his music and then found myself falling down a never ending rabbit hole of his music where his explosive glitch styled soundscape has become apart of my everyday life. He manages to strike such a balance in his sound going from more minimalistic verses with a somewhat somber feel to them before the bombastic chorus comes into play with the expressive electronics all coming out in a cacophony of pure colour, it’s hard not to love it. Throw in the life questioning lyrics in NPC and you’ve got a track that I know I’m probably going to play to death over the next few weeks.

Must Read

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greek – karma

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Mad Tsai – Boy Bi