Simone – Sad Songs for Depressed Girls / To Be Honest

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

At just 15 years old Simone (FKA Simone Lipkin) is demonstrating to the world that she is a powerhouse in the making with her mature songwriting, poetic lyricisms and melodic vocal having an air of Taylor Swift about it, big compliment. Her sound over the years has a slowly been developing over the years and her two EP’s she’s released this year are prime examples of what she is capable of doing.

Her latest project is Sad Songs for Depressed Girls, an indie folk styled EP comprised of three songs, each of which tackles modern day issues that Gen Z is often facing with the final track Modern Media being the highlight of the EP. Throughout her poignant lyricisms and emotionally evocative vocals are put on full display and no song feels fake as a result of this, each one feels raw and real to the listener. It’s a special talent and she’s made it seem as easy as breathing in this whole project.

Then we have her first project of the year To Be Honest, a stark contrast to the other EP with this one being an alternative pop affair filled with killer hooks that’ll get stuck in your head, thumping melodies and the power of her vocal getting a real chance to shine. Each track shows a different layer of Simone’s musicality, whether it be the more alternative numbers like Can’t Get Enough of You, pop numbers like After Class or more somber tracks like Serenade me, each is different but still fits within he sonic soundscape she’s crafting for herself.

In a world of young musicians mimicking Billie Eilish Simone is undeniably herself. She’s a young artist who’s thriving in her musicality and we look forward to seeing the rest of her journey.

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