Benedict – Warzone

Fresh from working as a prison guard in Australia, Benedict continues to channel her inner Kate Bush through her theatrical, quirky and downright mesmerising sound. Her debut from 2019 Oh Fool showed the promise of something great with the ethereal quality of her vocal shining throughout and the uniquely encapsulating melodies showcasing the raw talent she has. She’s only built up that sound further through her melodic artistry in the avant grade single Warzone.

“Warzone shares a story of the deepest of suffering through the worst experiences,” Benedict begins to explain. “But, when you feel you cannot go on and you are drowning in torment, there will ALWAYS be a light at the end of the tunnel. There will always be an end to the suffering. All you need to do is look at yourself, love yourself, and see your true worth. As your life is worth something and important. When you can see that even in the hard times, you will be ok. My warzone has been many different relationships with partners, friendships, family, religion, government, my childhood. I have been on my knees through many things I thought would break me, but I’m still standing!

The production communicates the story behind the track easily through the disorderly synth melodies with a brooding sensibility creating a chaotic atmosphere representing those dark times where you feel you can’t go on with her celestial vocal juxtaposing that by showing through the dark light will always be there to cut through it all. That’s what is so wonderful about Benedict though, she strives to act as a voice to those who may not have one with this dealing with the inner demons we’re all too afraid to discuss but she lends us her voice to fight them off through this track.

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