Sølv – Heavy Weather

Sølv is Danish for silver but in all honesty she should be called ‘guld’ because her music is pure gold. We’ll move on from that terrible joke now and actually talk about her compelling brand of dark alternative R&B that she has create solely in her own an apartment, now that’s the definition of a DIY artist. Her music is deeply personal with it drawing on the parallels that exist within dark and light interspersed with relatable insights and philosophical references and her latest single Heavy Weather is no exception to this.

Heavy Weather is about having one special person in your life who shines a light onto your darkness distracting you from your situation, surroundings and circumstances,” Sølv explains. “They alone can lift your mental state and keep you grounded. I wrote, produced and recorded the song during lockdown after a couple of weeks of feeling uninspired and low due to everything going on in the world at the time. Initially I found a synth sound and instinctively played a melody which became the main hook. After that, everything just flowed and the song was written within a matter of days.

The haunting production mixed with her enchanting vocal allows the message of the track to shine through effortlessly, the shining quality of her vocal cuts through the brooding production with such ease that it’s a real joy to behold. It’s her mystical sonic soundscape with the dark undertones that makes her music so mesmerising with the atmospheric nature of her vocal only building on this. If we haven’t convinced you already, dive into her music right now, you won’t regret it.

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