Nina Chuba – Jungle

The music industry is a cut-throat world, it’s a battle for survival with hundreds upon thousands of artists fighting to get to the top and only the strongest getting to the top of the pyramid. It’s a dark reality that many musicians don’t realise but one artists who realises this is Nina Chuba who’s latest single Jungle is inspired the ferocity of this industry and how she’s fought her way to get to where she is now and isn’t planning stopping.

Jungle is a feverish metaphor for how wild and cut-throat the creative industries can be, and how you’re often forced to join in for your own survival,” Nina Chuba explains the background of the single.

This track shows a more ferocious side of Chuba with her vocals have this raw uncut style to them that instantly takes a hold of you and pulls you into the world of this ongoing battle she is experiencing. The lyrics depict a battleground where everyone is fighting to survive with fake friends and enemies all waiting for you to make a mistake as the brooding production enhances them further, making you realise the gravity of the situation. It’s an honest portrayal of what this industry can be and why so many musicians will fight and tooth and nail to make their dreams come true.

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